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Is Your Home at Risk of a Flood?

9/13/2022 (Permalink)

a group of residential homes with major flooding in back yards Experienced water damage in your home? Call SERVPRO of Lowell to get the restoration process started right away

Water can be incredibly destructive around your property and your home. Even though water will eventually dry up, it can leave widespread damage behind.

As if dealing with damages inside your home isn’t enough, there is also the chance that your insurance won’t cover the cost to recover from the damage. That alone should make you take preventive steps against flooding right away!

We are in a particularly interesting flood risk location, nestled in right below the Merrimack River and amongst the Pawtucket Canal. If any of these water sources overflows or the water level gets high enough, we could experience flooding issues.

Utilizing Your Yard to Reduce Flood Risk

Take a few simple steps to keep water moving through your yard and away from your home. If you have gutters, keep them clear and remove any blockages to prevent water from building up on your shingles.

You can also use your landscaping to your advantage! Gardens are a great way to absorb excess water, or install a rain barrel below your gutters to catch the run off. That way you can have complete control of where all of that water goes.

If your property relies on propane, take the time to anchor down your propane tanks to make sure they stay put during any sort of flooding situation.

Taking Care of the Inside

A watertight home begins with a waterproof foundation. If you have a crack or a weak spot, you will find out quickly! Seal up any cracks and address any issues you discover right away.

You can also help out your home by installing a sump pump to keep the water continually moving away from your home.

Most families rely on their appliances to run the household, but those appliances are also at a higher risk of causing a water issue. Check on your water heater, dishwasher and washing machine while they are running to look for dripping or leaks, or install a leak sensor to help alert you of any issues as they originate.

In the end, most of your possessions will dry out, but some can be ruined and those things are usually the most important! Protect your precious photos and other keepsakes by keeping them high off of the ground or away from the basement.

Don’t panic if you do end up finding water in your home even after doing all you can to prevent it! Just address the issue quickly and thoroughly, and call us so we can help make sure your restoration is done professionally.

Experienced water damage in your home? Call SERVPRO of Lowell today to get your restoration completed faster.

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