Water Damage Photo Gallery

Aerial View of the desiccants placed

When you have an old mill building that suffers a water damage contact SERVPRO of Lowell, we have the experience to properly dry down your mill building.

Our team uses multiple means to detect/ trace the waters path. Once the water path is determined we bring in properly sized desiccants and other specialty equipment to complete the dry down process.

We placed two 2500 cfm desiccant behind the bldg. along with 175kw generator to operate the desiccants and the additional drying equipment to restore the mill bldg. to pre loss conditions. We dried the bldg. in 6 days after removal of 10’’ of standing water wet bldg. materials and silt form the basement.

If you manage a mill building Contact SERVPRO of Lowell 978-454-7577 to conduct an evaluation before the next floods hit.

Residential Water Damage

This pipe in a local residential home had burst causing water to flood the first floor of the home. Our team of highly trained technitians where on the scene and started the drying process within an hour of the intitial phone call, making the customer extreamly happy.

Water Damage Lowell

A small pipe leak that was unseen to the naked eye had caused a significant amount of damage to the walls of this residential home. As you can see the water had caused the molding along the flooring to break down and be easily broken. 

Working hard

When a call came in about a sewer damage in a major building in Lowell our trained techinicians were on the site. We started by drying the wet areas and demoing the affected areas. Our team of highly trained technicians then came back in to thoroughly clean all affected areas to ensure the safety of the employess in the building and make the building look like it never even happened.

Lowell MA

A pipe had burst in the kitchen area above this laundry room causing significant damage to both the first and second floor of this residentional home. The owners were in distaught with the amount of water and damage that was done from what looked like such a small crack in the pipes. Our team went in and was able tot take care of all the damaged areas in a timely mannor, enabling the owners to be a little less stressed. 

Mold Lowell MA

A water pipe had burst on the third floor of the residential condominuim leaking down the walls to the first floor. When our technicians went in to expect the damage Mold was found under the crown molding along the hall way wall. 

Wall Water Damage

In this residents water had been leaking through out the apartment into the walls and ceilings. The wall shown here had a substanial amount of water leaking down causing the wall panels to buldge. Our team extracted the wall and was able to dry the wet paneling behind before any mold could appear.