Recent Before & After Photos

Environmentally-friendly Remediation/restoration projects

We recently purchased the IBIX® portable media blaster its versatility and portability for all types of locations. The key features are dual action wet... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning Today

Top Benefits of HVAC CleaningNADCA’s rule of thumb for consumers is that “if your air ducts look dirty, they probably are,” and that dirty HVA... READ MORE

Restoration versus Replacement

SERVPRO of Lowell was called to a property for self pay water damage. The client attempting to save money, they dragged furniture across the wet carpet, stretch... READ MORE

Exposure loss smoke odor

SERVPRO of Lowell was hired to remove the soot and smoke odor from the building due to exposure loss from the adjacent building. The fire and the smoke billowed... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Lowell goes to school in Reading

Back in November we had Jose from SERVPRO of Lowell working on some sand blasting for a school ravaged by a fire. After several weeks of detailed sand blasting ... READ MORE

Mold in your basement or attic?

Selling your home this spring? Have you gone into your basement and attic and seen visible mold and thought "how will I ever get rid of that"?Our professional c... READ MORE

Broken Pipe In The Ceilings Can Cause Heavy Damage

Broken Pipes in your ceiling can cause devastating damage, and even become extremely hazardous with the ceiling to potentially fall. Patrick and Corey came into... READ MORE

Water Damage In The Workplace

When a large water damage happens our crews will be there for an emergency. We will extract the remaining water, remove the debris, and all other affected mater... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning

Our professional crews also specialize in duct cleaning as well. Duct cleaning is more important than you think. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help your... READ MORE

Like It Never Even Happened

Our professional crews take the time and consideration when coming into your home. We want to make it seem like the damage never even happened. We want to leave... READ MORE