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When You Need an Expert, Call SERVPRO

5/5/2022 (Permalink)

two SERVPRO employees unloading cleaning equipment out of a green van SERVPRO of Lowell is your local restoration expert. We are the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration

It may be difficult to know where to turn when an unexpected tragedy affects your home or business, but that’s why SERVPRO of Lowell is here! We have the tools and experienced teams you need to start restoring your space back to preloss condition.

Here are some of the areas in which SERVPRO specializes:

Water Damage

If a water damage incident occurs in your building and it is not attended to as soon as possible, further damage is likely to take place. Flooding can occur at any time, and whether it’s an inch or a foot, it will take its toll on your Lowell home.

For reference, floods cause more than $10 billion in damages nationwide every year.

Lowell often faces rainfall that eventually gives way to flooding, both major and minor. The greater Lowell area was plagued by flooded streets in 2021 after remnants of Tropical Storm Fred moved through the region. The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for the Boston area, stretching north to Lynn and west to Franklin and Westborough.

We have the tools and know-how to help you deal with this difficult damage. We start by performing an inspection of your property before offering appropriate water restoration and mitigation services.

Fire Damage

Fire damage takes a large toll on home in the United States every year. There was roughly $8.1 billion in direct property damage and losses nationwide in 2020 due to fires.

In the unfortunate event of a fire at your property, you need to take the right steps to restore the structure and contents to preloss condition. Different steps are necessary to achieve the desired outcome, but generally, our team starts by doing a full inspection and damage assessment of your home’s damage before moving to the reconstruction phase.

Storm Damage

Severe weather is all too familiar to U.S. homeowners, and the effects of these weather events can lead to substantial damages to your home. One singular incident can lead to substantial water damage within your house.

Our goal is always to have you back in your newly restored home as soon as possible, and we want to salvage as much of your home and belongings as possible. SERVPRO specializes in all types of cleaning, water removal and construction work that you might need.

What Sets SERVPRO Apart?

Our Lowell team is highly trained in the industry, and we pride ourselves on our high expectations for customer care and progressive training. Our team is up-to-date on all research and procedures through ongoing franchise training and continuing education,

You can trust that SERVPRO of Lowell is equipped with the most progressive techniques and knowledge to clean and restore your property back to “Like it never even happened.”

Regardless of the type of damage sustained, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover from its disastrous effects. Contact us anytime when you need a dependable team to help you rebuild your life.

Water Damage in Your Lowell Home

4/28/2022 (Permalink)

a bathroom sink showing signs of a water leak No matter the damage sustained, SERVPRO of Lowell has the tools and team to help your home return to a normal state quickly.

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting step in your life. There’s much to look forward to, but there’s also much to look out for.

At some point in time, you may come across a small issue like a leaky tap. It’s a minor problem now, but it can worsen quickly. Did you know the average household leak can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water in a year?

Water damage is one of those issues that can get out of hand quickly, so you need to be prepared to address the issue right away. Here’s how you can expect the damage to progress as time goes on:

In the First 24 Hours

There is a one in four chance of a flood damaging your home within a 30-year period in a high-risk area. Knowing what to do next is essential.

The first 24 to 48 hours after your Lowell home experiences flooding or water damage are vital because your personal belongings are so vulnerable to water’s harmful effects.

For example, books and photographs can warp beyond repair, soft furnishings and upholstery soak through and any wooden structures will swell from the moisture. You can also expect mold to start growing during this time period.

Within the First Week

Once you have surpassed 24 hours, the damage will move much quicker. Mold spreads exponentially with moisture, and as it festers, it will damage your home’s structure.

Additionally, porous surfaces, such as wood surfaces and walls, will become increasingly compromised, and metal surfaces will start corroding.

After One Week

Try not to let the damage get to this point because you may not be able to salvage everything. As time goes on, the costs and efforts to restore the structure will increase significantly, and the risks associated with structural damage are greater.

How SERVPRO Will Help

The process begins after you call. We will start by extracting any excess moisture to prevent the spread of water throughout your home’s structure. This will also reduce drying time.

You can count on SERVPRO’s “restore vs replace” mentality to help you save money while preserving precious keepsakes that can’t be replaced. If any materials cannot be successfully restored, this will be communicated to you. These materials are typically removed as soon as possible to expedite the drying of all restorable materials.

After these steps, your home may need construction work to get your property back to its preloss condition. This step could include minor repairs or rebuilding entire areas of your home.

It’s a scary process, but SERVPRO of Lowell will keep you up to date on every step and have you back in your home or business in no time.

Regardless of the type of water damage sustained, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover. Contact us 247 when you need a dependable team to help you recover.

Here Are the Types of Flooding You Might See

4/6/2022 (Permalink)

a street completely submerged in water with a flood warning sign sitting in roadway Regardless of the cause of the flooding, SERVPRO of Lowell has the team to help you recover from any disastrous event

Every state sees its fair share of flooding, but did you know flooding is actually the most common natural disaster in the world? In the United States, it claims more lives per year than hurricanes, tornadoes or lighting. Its devastation can affect communities far and wide, as excess water gathers on properties.

You may not know there are actually similarities in the different types of floods and causality among all them. In fact, there are three common types of flooding that happen for four typical reasons.

3 Types of Natural Flooding

Flash floods can occurs anywhere, and they’re caused by an accumulation of rain over a long period of time. For example, a storm may sit over one area, overwhelming the ground’s ability to soak in all the moisture. The water left over runs off, often washing away both big and small items in its path.

River floods occur when there’s a buildup of water in the river, enough that the water spills over the sides and causes destruction.

Coastal floods can happen next to large bodies of water, induced by storm surges or cyclonic activity. The commotion causes ocean or gulf levels to rise high enough to cause a flood.

The 4 Most Common Causes of Natural Flooding

Heavy rainfall. Heavy storms that release multiple inches of rain in one area can cause flash floods or river flooding. Urban areas are often the most at risk due to the lack of extra land to absorb the water. In 2006, Lowell and the New England area experienced record flooding. In fact, it rained between eight and 12 inches over just a few days, which was the worst flooding the area had seen in over 70 years. A thousand households in Lowell had to be evacuated to protect citizens from the overwhelming flooding.

Oceanic activity. Hurricanes, storm surges and rising tides can cause water levels to rise, causing waves to overwhelm coastal communities.

Dams and levees failing. The most notable example of this in recent history would be the disastrous levee breaks during 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. Levees and dams fail when cracks occur or excess pressure overtakes the dam’s ability to contain the surge of water behind it. Similarly, Massachusetts residents who lived downstream of the Spicket River Dam had to be evacuated during record-breaking flooding in 2006 over fears that the dam might break.

Snowmelts and ice dams. In states that experience heavy snow and ice, both can build up over weeks and months. When the snow and ice begin to melt, they can become rivers of water, following through nearby communities and causing destruction. Ice dams or ice jams occur when rivers get clogged by built-up ice following downstream, which can cause the banks to overflow.

Regardless of the cause of the flooding, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover from its disastrous effects. Contact us anytime when flooding or water damage makes a mess in your life.

We Can Help You Be Prepared

3/28/2022 (Permalink)

a workspace and cubicle showing signs of water damage SERVPRO of Lowell are your local commercial restoration experts. Contact us today should you experience any damage.

When it comes to keeping a company operating smoothly, every little bit of support goes a long way. As company owner or manager, you are well aware that keeping things afloat takes every available hand. Significant delays or damages to commercial buildings could mean shutting the doors for good.

However, your retail space, manufacturing facility or rental property already comes equipped with a hidden assistant to aid with cleaning and restoration, and it’s right here in Lowell. SERVPRO is capable of serving a vast variety of company demands; it’s as if you have a hidden business partner overseeing an entire component of your organization’s success strategy.

Large loss recovery. Fires, hurricanes and flooding are among the major causes of financial loss for enterprises in the United States. They can cause a lot of damage, especially if they are not handled promptly. When you call SERVPRO, you can be confident that you are calling a highly qualified crew that is available 24 hours a day to deliver reliable emergency services and minimize your downtime and recovery time.

Emergency Ready Plan. Recovery begins even before the disaster strikes—that is, if your business is prepared. We can aid you in setting up the appropriate strategy for when the time comes. You may require an emergency chain of command, alternative meeting or work spaces, and temporary suppliers during a crisis, and we’ll have you set up for a simple button press to commence all of this.

Cleaning of All Kinds. We provide solutions for every scenario, from specialist cleaning services such as trauma site cleanup and safe biohazard removal to more common requirements such as carpet cleaning and upholstery restoration in high-traffic areas. We’ve been doing this a long time and have seen and cleaned everything.

Restoration Services. Storms cause flash floods. The interns might ignite a fire in the kitchen. A water pipe could rupture. All of these unpredictable situations require repair and cleaning, which SERVPRO excels in. From water removal to restoration, you can depend on us to restore the shine to your organization after a disaster.

Industry Specialization. We are equipped to help any organization, having spent decades understanding the ins and outs of each industry. We can assist you with any very particular or unusual cleaning and restoration demands your organization may have. In many circumstances, we may even enclose the workspace to avoid interfering with the routine activities of adjacent regions.

Whatever your recovery need may be, and whatever your commercial property may require, trust SERVPRO to get the job done. Contact us today to get started on an Emergency Ready Plan or find out how we can serve your business.

Spring Storms and Other Weather Events in the U.S.

3/4/2022 (Permalink)

an image with a cloudy, rainy, sunny and snowy sky Extreme temperature changes can lead to the possibility of severe weather. SERVPRO of Lowell is a click away if you experience any damage.

As one of the world’s biggest nations, the United States features a highly diverse climate across the board. As a consequence, seasonal weather in the United States is not one-size-fits-all—different parts of the country experience unique weather patterns, resulting in varying degrees of weather threats for different areas.

Let’s take a look at the weather patterns that may develop as spring approaches and warm and cold air masses mix throughout the country—as well as what we might expect here in Massachusetts.

The Pacific Northwest’s spring months are prone to severe rain, which may cause floods and water damage. Snow will continue to build at higher altitudes, and the resulting melting and runoff may cause issues of its own.

The Upper Midwest and Northeast, including our state, enjoy the longest winters and will have cold temperatures throughout the season. But that’s changing.

In Massachusetts and the Northeast, winters are projected to become warmer and reduce the average number of snowfalls from an average of five snowfalls to between one to three per month. By the end of the century, the number of severe precipitation occurrences is expected to more than double. From Maine to the Dakotas, folks can anticipate frigid weather, blizzards and heavy snow even until late spring or early summer.

The Southwest and southern West Coast, on the other hand, will need to be on the lookout for severe heat waves that may harm people and property. The South Pacific, including Hawaii, will be on high alert for the risk of tectonic activity-caused tsunamis.

Windstorms, derechos and the possibility of wildfires will also be on the radar for the central United States, from Iowa to Texas as they can spread quickly when winds are strong and conditions are dry. Tornado Alley, which is particularly prone to tornadoes, is found in this area.

Finally, we should anticipate a broad variety of severe weather occurrences in the Southeast, from thunderstorms and tornadoes in landlocked regions to early-season hurricanes along the coast later in the spring.

Extreme weather is a risk wherever you reside in the United States. While conditions differ by state, it never hurts to be aware of and prepared for extreme weather.

If extreme weather leaves you with damage from water, fire or other elements, help is a click away. Contact SERVPRO for fast, expert recovery.

Have You Considered Disaster Preparedness?

2/28/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee standing in office next to a person reviewing plans If the day comes where your business is hit with disaster or emergency, you can rest assured SERVPRO of Lowell will be there to help.

It’s reasonable that you have a lot on your plate when you own a company. You have a full-time job as well as an infinite to-do list that follows you around at all times. It’s just a lot of work between recruitment, bookkeeping, inventory, advertising and so much more.

But all of your hard work might be in jeopardy if you are not prepared for the worst. To get to this point, you’ve put in a lot of time and effort, and you want to do everything possible to give your business the best chance of surviving a disaster.

A lot of times, it is impossible to get your company back up and running after a fire, hurricane or other tragedy. FEMA reports that 40% of small businesses shut down permanently after a disaster, with a large percentage of those that do reopen closing again within a year.

So, what can you do? The answer is to have a plan. Having a plan in place for what to do next if your organization is hit by a disaster incident might be the difference between survival and failure.

In fact, three-quarters of small businesses in the United States do not have a disaster plan in place. It’s only natural that businesses that are disaster-prepared have a higher chance of surviving.

SERVPRO of Lowell assists businesses in disaster preparedness by helping them create a customized Emergency Ready Plan that can be tailored to business objectives, location and industry. If you have a plan in place, you will be able to minimize interruption to business since you will know what to do in the event of a crisis.

On their own, disasters are difficult to cope with. Take advantage of your chance to prepare for a disaster before it occurs. We’re ready to assist you with your Emergency Ready Plan right now.

When your business is ready to prioritize planning and safety to prevent extended downtime, contact SERVPRO to get the Emergency Ready Plan underway from the folks who know all there is to know about disaster and recovery.

What Does “Full Service” Really Mean?

2/9/2022 (Permalink)

a green SERVPRO van parked in a warehouse full of equipment When you need cleanup and recovery of any kind, you can trust SERVPRO of Lowell to get the job done.

You know what it means when our big green truck show up to your favorite restaurant after it had a kitchen fire. It means our expert help has arrived.

Most know SERVPRO as a restoration company of some sort, and that’s not false—it’s not a complete picture of what we can really do.

We are a full-service restoration and reconstruction giant. Keep reading to understand exactly what we can do.

Water damage recovery. You found damage from a leak or a flood? Our experts will dry it up and restore it.

Fire damage recovery. Every 23 seconds, a fire occurs in the United States. That’s a lot of fires and the effects can be disastrous, but we’ve got all the skills it takes to help.

Mold removal. Mold develops very soon after water damage occurs, and it can get bad enough to threaten the structure of your home. You can endanger yourself and potentially cause the mold to spread if not treated properly—so let our pros in green handle it.

Storm recovery. Storms can cause devastating destruction. We have what it takes to get your home or business restored to “Like it never even happened” status from the day the storm hits to when you move back in.

Commercial needs. Businesses and commercial spaces of any kind have access to the same services we offer to homeowners, plus more.

General cleaning. We also offer cleaning services for your home or business. From your carpets to your upholstery and everything in between, we can clean it when you simply don’t have the time. We are here to give you the clean you deserve so you can live your life.

Specialty cleaning. From document restoration to duct cleaning to even biohazard cleanup, we offer it all. Seriously, if it can get dirty, we can clean it.

Construction. In the event that the worst happens and your space can’t be restored, you can trust SERVPRO to rebuild and restore whatever possible to its preloss condition. 

Add 24-hour service and an easy insurance process to all this, and the picture becomes clear—when you need cleanup and recovery of any kind, you can trust SERVPRO to get the job done

The 4 Sides of the Fire Tetrahedron

2/3/2022 (Permalink)

a small paper house burning If your home or business has any damage, SERVPRO of Lowell is ready around the clock to help you recover.

If you take three triangles and fold them around a fourth triangular base, you’ve got yourself a tetrahedron. This three-dimensional shape may not be one you think of often, but the fire community thinks about it all the time.

The fire tetrahedron is a visual aid that has come to represent the four things a fire must have in order to ignite and survive. These things must be present in order for fire to begin, and without any one of them, a fire can’t start or survive.

The 4 Things a Fire Needs to Live

Fuel. The first triangle of the tetrahedron is fuel. A fire needs something consumable. Almost everything in your home or in nature is eligible. Fire has a ravenous appetite.

Heat. Consumable materials don’t simply ignite. They first have to be heated to a point at which they can ignite. Once they reach that point, all they need is for the other elements to fall into place.

Oxygen. Fires can’t happen in a vacuum, because they require oxygen. As a fire ignites and grows, it actually consumes the oxygen from the atmosphere in which it burns. This perpetuates the fire and simultaneously creates carbon monoxide, which is one reason why nighttime fires in homes are so deadly.

Chemical Chain Reaction. This one’s a little more complicated, but the long and short of it is that an uninterrupted chain reaction between the fuel, the heat and the oxygen not only happens, but must happen if a fire is to live.

The 4 Ways to Stop a Fire

Cool it. Cooling down the fuel source is a common way to stop fires. If you’ve ever dumped a bucket of water on a campfire, this is how it worked. Restoring the thermal balance to the burning material by decreasing its temperature keeps a fire from being able to continue.

Smother it. If you’ve ever put out a candle by putting a lid on it, or stopped a stovetop fire by the same method, this is what you’ve done. Without that influx of oxygen, the fire dies.

Starve it. If a fire has nothing to eat, it dwindles and dies. This can be accomplished both by removing fuel sources from a fire’s path and, in the case of wildfire containment, by scorching an area around the fire, leaving it no more fuel to burn outside that circle.

Interrupt the chain reaction. Scientists have found that certain gases and chemicals can cause a break in the series of reactions a fire needs to perpetuate itself. Some of these, while highly effective, have been discontinued because of an acute impact on the environment, but the use of safer alternatives continues in fire extinguishers of specific types, made mostly to snuff electrical fires.

If the fire tetrahedron makes a wreck of your home or business, we’re ready around the clock to help you recover. Contact SERVPRO anytime for fast, thorough cleanup and recovery after a fire.

The SERVPRO Process for Water Damage Restoration

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

a house floating in a large body of water When water damage strikes, make the call to SERVPRO of Lowell for A-to-Z cleanup and restoration

Here’s some astonishing math for you—14,000 Americans, on average, will deal with a water damage issue today. That means that by the time you finish reading this paragraph, it will have happened to someone else already.

And while we certainly hope you are never that particular someone, we’re on call 24 hours a day if it ever happens. When you call SERVPRO with a water emergency, here’s what you can anticipate.

Emergency Contact. Right away, we’ll ask some guiding questions to give ourselves a good feel for what’s going on. Then we’ll set up a time in the very near future for an in-person evaluation.

Inspection and Water Damage Assessment. Once we get to your home, we’ll properly assess the causes and effects, shut off any remaining flow, and get to work. We’ll make sure you’re aware of any potential dangers caused by the damage, and we’ll help you identify items that may be damaged beyond restoration.

Water Removal. Three words: big, strong pumps. We’ll let our machinery flex its muscle and remove the potential tons of water that may be overrunning your home. We’ll completely remove all the offending liquid so we can move on to getting your home back in the dry.

Damaged Material Removal. Once removal is underway, we can go about the next step: removing and hauling away items that have been too heavily damaged to be restored, including carpet, furniture and more.

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Deodorization. A watery mess caused by flooding or other incidents leaves staining at the very least, and may also introduce toxins, chemicals or contaminants. We’ll thoroughly clean and disinfect areas of need to ensure your home is safe and sanitized.

Drying. The clock is ticking on mold growth, so once the main water is removed, we’ll get micro and use powerful HEPA vacuums to pull the remaining excess moisture from the air and extract it from dampened surfaces and items.

Monitoring. We’ll have a close watch on the whole process, monitoring for efficiency and function of equipment, and making any changes as needed on the fly.

Repairs and Construction. Once all is dry again, we can get to the work of restoration, making your damaged possessions look like new again, and reconstructing any areas of your home that have been negatively affected by the water damage.

When water damage strikes, make the call to SERVPRO for A-to-Z cleanup and restoration. We’ll make your damaged property look “Like It Never Even Happened.”

Are You And Your Business Ready For A Disaster

1/4/2022 (Permalink)

a water damaged building with fans and equipment drying it out Be Ready For Whatever Issues May Happen

We at SERVPRO of Lowell are helping local businesses prepare for disasters. We call these, ERP’s. (Emergency Ready Profiles).  One of the best reasons to start an ERP is because disasters seem to happen when you are away from the office or on vacation.  Our SERVPRO ERP is a start-up approach that provides critical information needed to begin mitigation and recovery services so that in the event of a disaster, you are already prepared and ahead of the game!

Many businesses have an emergency contingency plan in place, but few have a plan to get back into their buildings following a disaster.  Knowing what to do, who to call, and what to expect in advance is the key to mitigation.  Timely mitigation minimizes the effects of water and fire damage allowing your property and business to be restored at an advanced rate with minimal downtime.

For more information about starting an ERP for your business today please call James Colton 978-454-7577.